Wednesday, October 5, 2011


      Basically, I love Sarah's outfit, it is such a great seasonal transition outfit.  Sarah was sweet enough to let me take her picture before our class started; I am really glad she let me!  I love the chiffon blouse, along with her cuffed skinnies and braided sandals.  As far as I can tell, this outfit gets an "A+."  My favorite piece in this outfit?  Her cardigan. Cardigans are great because they warm you up and they pull your outfit together.  This cardigan's rich orange jewel tone is great for fall. The 2011 Autumn season is big on jewel tones.  If you don't want to wear orange, try deep purple, teal, or even a deep red hue.  So ...
1. A Colorful Cardigan:
2. A Patterned Chiffon Blouse:
3. Some Sexy Skinnies:
4. Boots or Sandals ... Take Your Pick: (Probably boots now that is basically 5 degrees outside ... )

Well this completes another edition of "Style Stars."  Thanks to Sarah for being a beautiful model and to you for reading.  Remember, with fall coming it is a great time to make some changes!  Don't be afraid to try something new, who knows ... you might love it!  Make sure to "Follow" my blog my clicking the link in the upper-left hand corner of this page and if you have any questions or want to nominate a "Style Star," e-mail me at  Thanks again for reading!  Have an awesome week!


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