Monday, July 25, 2011


Alright, I decided if you are going to read my should probably know a little bit about me!  My name is Aubrey.  I am a Marketing student at BYU and...I love clothes! I can't help it.  There's just something about feeling put-together that makes my day better.  Now I know Provo is not exactly the fashion capital of the world...but as you can tell I have found some pretty great dressers on my "photoshoots."  My hope for this blog is that it will get you to try new things and maybe help you update your wardrobe so you feel like a million bucks. 

Now, I know it is vain to feature my outfit today...but it is one of my favorites, I promise to only feature my favorites!  Now, I hope this isn't too presumptuous...but assuming you would like to try and use my look to make a new one for yourself, here are some tips!

                                                                  How To Get My Look:

1. A Colorful, but not too vibrant, Layering Shirt: (Sorry but a lace by itself is NOT a daytime look:))
(Several different colors,

2. A Flirty Lace Blouse:
(Lace Button-Up Blouse-no undershirt necessary, p.s. I saw this shirt in person today at the is BEAUTIFUL
(Lace Blouse-GREAT PRICE,

3. Sassy Jeggings (Or Skinnies...if jeggings are just too much!):
(Faux Jean Jegging,
(Miss Me Jeggings-My exact jeggings,

4. Fierce Ankle Boots: origin=keywordsearch&resultback=1531
(REPORT Ankel Boots,

I hope you enjoyed my post today! Thanks so much for checking it out...tell your friends!  As soon as I have 50+ followers...I am going to start doing give-away contests!  Remember you can use just a few elements of any of the outfits I post or all of them.  The point is just to change up your look and to feel great in what you are wearing!  Feel free to ask questions or post your own ideas and to e-mail me your style stars or style questions at  You are great! See you next time.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


             I met Amberlee at Sally's, a beauty supply store.  She was so nice and thankfully she let me take her picture!  I love the layered look and Amberlee does it beautifully!  She layered leggings and a crocheted skirt on the bottom and a chunky belt, jean button-up, and a vest on top. Amberlee was nice enough to let me know that she got most of her look from Forever 21! To get her look you don't have to layer exactly the same, you can even just layer the top or the bottom, but her look is very fun and great for summer!

So, how do you get her look?!

1. Some Sweet Sandals:
3. A Summer-y Skirt (Or even a long shirt dress):
(Black Geo new site I found!)
4. A Great Tunic Shirt:
(Pinstripe **on sale for $6.99!!!)
(Lace Waist

5. A Simple Vest:
Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and thanks to Amberlee especially for being my model! Remember you don't have to use all the elements of this layered look, mix and match, dress it up or down.  I would love to hear input on how this has changed your view on getting dressed in the morning! E-mail me at I hope you like the new look of my blog! Let me know how I can make it even better and be sure to send me a picture of you in your favorite outfit so you can be the next 'Style Star."


Saturday, July 16, 2011


This is Macy! I met her at Nordstrom's last week and she was so sweet to let me take her picture!  Her look is preppy but very fun!  She is wearing a classic button up shirt with high-waisted shorts and some cute Oxford shoes. I love this look because she looks polished but still very fun!

So how do you get her look???

1. A Classic Button-Up:
(A Ruffled Button-Up, if you want to make the look a bit more dressy, at
(A Well Tailored Button-Up at
(A Girly Twist on a Button-Up at

2. Some Preppy High-Waisted Shorts:
(Belted Shorts at

3. A Pair of Oxfords:
(Glitter Oxfords at
(Perforated Leather Oxfords at Forever

Thanks to Macy for being my 'Style Star' of the day and thank you for following my blog.  I am so excited to get this up and running! Make sure to tell your friends to become members of my page by clicking on "Follow" at the top of the page.  When I get enough members I want to start doing contest give-aways! Have a great day and make sure to send in photos to become the next 'Style Star!'


Thursday, July 14, 2011


          I met Sara at Nordstrom's just the other day.  She is one of the stylish sales reps in the BP department.When I met her I knew I had to put her on my blog! So as she got me a room to try on some clothes I awkwardly asked her if she would mind being on my blog.  Luckily for me Sara was super nice and fun about it, so now I have a great model for my style star!
               Sara's look is so great because it is great for either a casual or semi-dressy event.  Her top has a silk sheen and is an oversized blouse.  She makes it fit her figure by tucking it into skinny jeans and then billowing it out just a bit.  Her jeans have a little higher rise than most so they go right above her the skinniest part of her. Sara also wore wedges which made her look taller and elongated her legs.  I think the great gold  necklace she is wearing makes her outfit look very put together and updated.
              Sara made sure to accent her best features with this outfit by highlighting the smallest part of her waist and bringing attention to her face with the necklace. This is what we should all do with our outfits! Highlight our best features!

 So how do you get her look?

1. A Rockin'  Necklace! (Rhinestone Collar Necklace-Forever 21) (Serpentine Necklace-Forever 21)
Go to and check out their fashion necklaces! There are so many great ones I couldn't choose my favorites!

2. A Classy Blouse!
(Flutter Sleeve Blouse-Nordstrom)
(Silk Blouse-Nordstrom; If you don't like the idea of tucking in this is a great option for you!) (Polka Dot Frenchi Blouse-Nordstrom; It's on sale!!)

3. Some Figure-Flattering Jeans! If you don't like skinny's go for a classy bootcut or trouser with this look! (Jolt Skinny Jeans in Black Wash-Nordstrom) (Citizens of Humanity Bootcut-Nordstrom)    
(Black Skinny Jean-Forever 21)

4. Some Fierce Wedges! (Chinese Laundry Wedge-Macy's)  (N.Y.L.A. Wedge Sandal-Nordstrom)

Thanks to all of you for following my blog and thanks again to our great model, Sara!  I hope this has helped inspire you to go and try something new!  If you want to be the next style star, e-mail me at  Thanks again!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So yesterday I found my first style star at a church function.  Her name is Aubree (her name was the first sign that she definitely needed a spot on my blog!) she is so cute and totally stylish.  I love her look, it's laid back but still put together and fun.  Aubree's bag is from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. collection, I am obsessed with it. Her leggings have some decorative buttons around the ankles and her green shoes add a fun pop of color!  She told me she got her tunic slim shirt at Wet Seal for $12! Is that a steal or what?  Aubree mixed and matched designer clothing and no name brands and it looks like a million bucks!  So do you get her look?

1. Long, slim shirt-if you are a little fuller you might want to ditch the horizontal stripes and go for a solid color

2. Fashion leggings-get some leggings with a little extra flare-zippers, buttons...if you aren't comfortable with leggings try getting skinny jeans with plain pockets----I know forever 21 has some like this, Nordstrom also has some---try their Hudson jeans, super simple and classy!
3. Some funky flats---Here are some links to some super cute flats I found online (Orange/Blue/Yellow 'Nine West' Flat)

4. A chic bag---Once I started looking at bags I couldn't stop! Here are some great links to find your perfect bag! (L.A.M.B. satchel bag) (Guess Giada Purse) (Michael Kors drawstring bag) (Charlotte Russe bag, a more inexpensive option but still very cute)

Thanks for checking out my blog and our first 'Style Star,' Aubree! There will be plenty more to come!  If you think you or one of your friends should be featured in a future 'Style Star' post, e-mail me a picture at!  Thanks and be sure to tell your friends!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day after day after day...

Do you ever feel like you have just run out of ideas when you're getting dressed in the mornings?  I totally know how you feel!  I love clothes but sometimes I feel like my closet is just not enough... To remedy this problem without totally depleting my bank account I decided to start a blog to find ways to best outfit my body and every other body type.  From now on I am going to embarass myself by asking anyone who I think looks great to let me take their picture and post it on my blog along with ideas on how to make my many "model's" styles your own! I will also take pictures of some of my favorite outfits that I wear along with ideas on how to make them work for different figures. Who knows I might even include some men's styles! We'll see, wish me luck!