Thursday, October 27, 2011


   Wow, I can't believe another week has come and gone!  Luckily, I found this great girl (with a great outfit, of course) on campus as I was waiting for one of my classes. I love her classy button-up shirt with pearls and, my favorite piece, the vest.  The line between a great vest, like Carlie's, and a terrible vest, think 90's fleece vests, is very thin but Carlie made it look like a million bucks.  Her outfit screams fall sophistication.  So ...


1. A Killer Vest:

2. A Great Button Up:

3. Some Classy Pearls:

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope it helped you out of a style rut ... or at least inspired you to try something different.  Have a great week and remember to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!  Have a great week!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I love Lexie's look because it is laid back and stylish. When I saw Lexie, I knew I had to take a picture of her. I love her booties with her neutral skirt and slouchy button-up shirt and cardigan. She looks great and I'm glad she let me take a picture of her!  So ...


1. A Basic Button-Up Shirt:

2. A Contrasting Cardigan:

3. A Neutral Skirt:

4. Some Kickin' Boots:
Trekking Boots! -- (As a side note ... unlace these and put the tongue down if you want the same look as Lexie!)

Thanks for checking out my blog!  I hope you found something new you want to try.  Remember any look can be modified to fit your own unique personality!  Be sure to send me the next style star or any questions to  Have a great week.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Five Fall Faves

Since we are well into this beautiful fall season, I am making a list of my favorite fall clothing items and accessories!

1. Scarves!!! What better way is there to accessorize and warm up at the same time?
Hand Made Scarves!! --
Scarves, scarves, scarves!!! --

2. Boots!!! I love boots, they are so diverse, you can wear them with just about anything!
Classic Boots! Love them! --
Suede & Leather! --

3. Jeggings!!!  Comfy like leggings, but they look like jeans!  Plus they look great with over-sized or long shirts and boots!
Courdoroy Jeggings in Charcoal! --
Buy 2 Get 40% Off!! --

4. Sweaters!!! The best for fall weather!  They look cute and you stay warm.
Open-Front Sweater! --
Pucker Sweater!! (Great for Dressy Events) --
Cable-Knit Cardigan! --

5. Sequins!!! I know, it sounds like something bad from a ballroom concert, but trust me, there are so many cute ways to rock sequins this season.
Sequin Sweater! --
Sequin Cardigan! --

Thanks for checking out my blog!  Make sure to try something new this season ... even a small change it can make you feel fierce!  Have a great week and make sure to e-mail me your favorite fall trends at!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


      Basically, I love Sarah's outfit, it is such a great seasonal transition outfit.  Sarah was sweet enough to let me take her picture before our class started; I am really glad she let me!  I love the chiffon blouse, along with her cuffed skinnies and braided sandals.  As far as I can tell, this outfit gets an "A+."  My favorite piece in this outfit?  Her cardigan. Cardigans are great because they warm you up and they pull your outfit together.  This cardigan's rich orange jewel tone is great for fall. The 2011 Autumn season is big on jewel tones.  If you don't want to wear orange, try deep purple, teal, or even a deep red hue.  So ...
1. A Colorful Cardigan:
2. A Patterned Chiffon Blouse:
3. Some Sexy Skinnies:
4. Boots or Sandals ... Take Your Pick: (Probably boots now that is basically 5 degrees outside ... )

Well this completes another edition of "Style Stars."  Thanks to Sarah for being a beautiful model and to you for reading.  Remember, with fall coming it is a great time to make some changes!  Don't be afraid to try something new, who knows ... you might love it!  Make sure to "Follow" my blog my clicking the link in the upper-left hand corner of this page and if you have any questions or want to nominate a "Style Star," e-mail me at  Thanks again for reading!  Have an awesome week!