Saturday, October 15, 2011

Five Fall Faves

Since we are well into this beautiful fall season, I am making a list of my favorite fall clothing items and accessories!

1. Scarves!!! What better way is there to accessorize and warm up at the same time?
Hand Made Scarves!! --
Scarves, scarves, scarves!!! --

2. Boots!!! I love boots, they are so diverse, you can wear them with just about anything!
Classic Boots! Love them! --
Suede & Leather! --

3. Jeggings!!!  Comfy like leggings, but they look like jeans!  Plus they look great with over-sized or long shirts and boots!
Courdoroy Jeggings in Charcoal! --
Buy 2 Get 40% Off!! --

4. Sweaters!!! The best for fall weather!  They look cute and you stay warm.
Open-Front Sweater! --
Pucker Sweater!! (Great for Dressy Events) --
Cable-Knit Cardigan! --

5. Sequins!!! I know, it sounds like something bad from a ballroom concert, but trust me, there are so many cute ways to rock sequins this season.
Sequin Sweater! --
Sequin Cardigan! --

Thanks for checking out my blog!  Make sure to try something new this season ... even a small change it can make you feel fierce!  Have a great week and make sure to e-mail me your favorite fall trends at!


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  1. jeggings and sweaters are def at the top of my list!!