Monday, July 25, 2011


Alright, I decided if you are going to read my should probably know a little bit about me!  My name is Aubrey.  I am a Marketing student at BYU and...I love clothes! I can't help it.  There's just something about feeling put-together that makes my day better.  Now I know Provo is not exactly the fashion capital of the world...but as you can tell I have found some pretty great dressers on my "photoshoots."  My hope for this blog is that it will get you to try new things and maybe help you update your wardrobe so you feel like a million bucks. 

Now, I know it is vain to feature my outfit today...but it is one of my favorites, I promise to only feature my favorites!  Now, I hope this isn't too presumptuous...but assuming you would like to try and use my look to make a new one for yourself, here are some tips!

                                                                  How To Get My Look:

1. A Colorful, but not too vibrant, Layering Shirt: (Sorry but a lace by itself is NOT a daytime look:))
(Several different colors,

2. A Flirty Lace Blouse:
(Lace Button-Up Blouse-no undershirt necessary, p.s. I saw this shirt in person today at the is BEAUTIFUL
(Lace Blouse-GREAT PRICE,

3. Sassy Jeggings (Or Skinnies...if jeggings are just too much!):
(Faux Jean Jegging,
(Miss Me Jeggings-My exact jeggings,

4. Fierce Ankle Boots: origin=keywordsearch&resultback=1531
(REPORT Ankel Boots,

I hope you enjoyed my post today! Thanks so much for checking it out...tell your friends!  As soon as I have 50+ followers...I am going to start doing give-away contests!  Remember you can use just a few elements of any of the outfits I post or all of them.  The point is just to change up your look and to feel great in what you are wearing!  Feel free to ask questions or post your own ideas and to e-mail me your style stars or style questions at  You are great! See you next time.


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