Friday, August 5, 2011


                  I know...I am completely lame, I haven't blogged in way too long.  Life gets crazy but I am going to make sure to at least blog once a week...if not more.  Just stay posted. Anyway!  Meet Andie!  I met her in Banana Republic at the University Mall and I not so smoothly asked her if I could put her on my blog.  She was really sweet and decided to play along.
                I like Andie's look because it is casual but it still looks put together and unique.  Instead of a plain T-Shirt with shorts she opted for a chiffon blouse in a deep blue which dresses up the outfit and makes it more put-together.  Her white shorts also have a unique touch with a white rope belt.  The accessories she uses definitely pull the outfit together and make it fun.  She is wearing white, studded sandals along with a flower headband that she made herself. 

So...How Do You Get Her Look?? 
1. A Flirty Chiffon Blouse:
(Daytrip Pintuck Shirt,
(Christina Chiffon, ***As a side note...I am in love with this particular shirt! Oh it is so beautiful!!

2. Some Unique Shorts:
(BEAUTIFUL Bow shorts,
(Blue Essence Twill Pant,**If you aren't into shorts these white pants would be perfect with a deep blue chiffon shirt like the ones above!**

3. Studded Strappy Sandals:
(Jewel Studded Coach Sandal,
(Deep Blue Sandal,

4. A Cute Headband:
To get a great headband like Andie's, e-mail her at to request one!  As you can tell she makes way cute ones!

Thanks for following my blogposts and thanks again to Andie for being such a great model! I hope they are giving you new ideas and helping you to get out of your clothes comfort zone!  Remember you can mix and match, switch things up, take a few things, or remake the whole outfit to look good on your body type!  E-mail me with any questions about what would look good on you and don't forget to send in pictures of your favorite outfits so you can become the next style star!  Get your friends to become followers...remember once we hit 50 followers I am going to have a give away!  Have a great week!


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  1. Do you just want to pick out my whole wardrobe for me? I certainly could use it. Now if only I could afford it.