Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jessie Anne!

            This is my cute friend Jessie Anne!  Last week, she came a visited me during one of my breaks between classes and I almost died when I saw her jacket.  Really, it is a beautiful, casual, fun, everything jacket!  The lavender looked great with her eyes and the lace lining took the this bomber style jacket to a whole new level.  I love it.  Jessie paired the jacket with some skinny jeans and sparkly, black TOMS to finish off a casual but cute look.  She proves that you can be comfortable and functional while still looking put together and stylish.  So ...

(I finally learned how to make links instead of just posting the URL's so be prepared for some great links!)

1. An Awesome-Beautiful-Fun-Everything Jacket:

2. Some Sexy Skinnies:

3. Casual Flats:

I hope you enjoyed my new links!  I definitely think they look a lot better and now it should be easier to navigate the sites you want to go to!  Anyway, thank you for checking out my blog and thanks to Jessie for being a smokin' hot model!  Remember, as always, you can take just some parts of this outfit and try it for yourself.  If you've never tried skinny jeans, try them.  Do something new and you might be surprised about how much you love it!  So far I've hit 2,250 views, but my goal is to reach 10,000 by the end of the year!  So ... tell your friends and make sure to follow my blog by clicking the "Follow" link in the upper left hand corner.  


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