Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ooh I love this!!!
Okay everyone, how did I not know 
about this sooner! I have just found my FAVORITE site ... probably ever.  Are
you dying to know what it is? Polyvore!
It's this amazing site where you put 
together outfits from tons of different retailers.  If you look below, you'll see 
that all my pieces are from totally different sources.  Another great thing about this 
site? You can search within a price range 
for any item of clothing; from tops to 
pants, dresses to shirts, accessories to 
shoes; everything you could ever wish 
for is on this site.  So check it out and 
if you love it, like I do, leave a comment
and tell me your favorite thing about it! Thanks for checking out 
my blog and make sure to "share" 
it with your friends on FB, remember 
as soon as I hit 50 followers 
I am going to have a giveaway! 
Have a great holiday season!

Mulberry tie shirt
$400 -

Rich & Skinny skinny fit jeans
$71 -

Lanvin pointy flat
$469 -

Mango shoulder bag
£55 -

Wet Seal bangles jewelry
$8.50 -

Judith Jack post earrings
$83 -

Marc Jacobs logo sunglasses
£105 -

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