Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This post is for any rich great-great aunts or uncles I have and don't know about.  Well, not really, but these are things that I love, but can't foresee buying in the near ... or far future.  Nevertheless I love them, so I will post them for your sheer enjoyment.

1. Michael Kors Color Blocked Dress
2.Jimmy Choo Lace Peep Toe ... if only!
3. Just Cavalli Wrap Dress
4. Hudson Jewel Tone Purple Mid-rise Skinnies -- these may be a possibility ...
5. Michael Kors Croc Embossed Tote

Aren't they beautiful? Ohh I love them, but never fear! Next week I will be back and in my right mind.  I will post a beautiful (and somewhat shocked) model and we will go back to the way things were.  I just wanted to have one post of my most favorite and wished for items of fall 2011.  Thank you for checking my blog and remember to send me pictures of your favorite outfits at!

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